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I want to have sex with my cousin

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Guest Mikey

My cousin and I are in our late40s 

we are close. Sometimes I get the impression that she wants to have sometype of relationship other than just cousins. I would love to go a little further and even have sex with her. But I'm afraid if I say something it will turn her away. What do I do?

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  • Administrator

spare her the misery if you just want to get physical. at this age, i can promise you that there is more of a chance of a snowball fight in hell than of her wanting casual sex. if you think she may be wanting some type of relationship, then trust your instincts... the key word there is relationship. if that's not something that is first and foremost in your mind as well, then pass on by. 

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  • Old Timer

Sorry Lady C I jinxed the site lol ?

If you care for her even in the slightest then hit a bar and try your luck there.

Cousin relationships are already stigmatized and complicated enough, you shouldn't use anyone for sex especially family!!

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