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Hi guys! Long time no write! I just wanted to give a little update. I am still around. I check in every day but I really do not have time to participate like I would like. School and other projects are taking up my time. Plus, I haven't felt too well in a while. In fact, if God doesn't move, I may have a very rough road up ahead. They diagnosed me with severe COPD and I keep getting these upper respiratory infections. Would you believe that I am such a dumb-a$$ that I am STILL SMOKING! 

I am quiting smoking like I quit alcohol -- slowly. I have switched to lights and using my electronic cig more and more. Ok, sometimes I cut 1/2 the filter off of these light cigs. Smoking is the hardest thing to quit! I've quit drinking, getting high (years and years ago) and never had a bit of trouble. But cigarettes .... ahhh.

I am still here, behind the scenes making sure this place is running smoothly. We just had an message board update. I'm not sure what new features they added but I hope you enjoy them :) I do see some nice cosmetic changes.

Wife and I are going on two years apart now. We briefly tried to make it work. It didn't and it never will. I am busy, so not really looking for that special lady. New rule: ladies must pursue me. Seriously. I have some kind of date next week but after that, it's gonna be over. I  may just stand her up, she is no prize. I rarely have encounters with women where there is romantic chemistry. Yea I see the honeys; I'm not blind. I'm just pretty happy being a bachelor right now. The chemistry between my cuz and I was crazy. The last time I was smitten was like 3 years ago out of the blue. I was at a bar... I mean restaurant. [cough] The waitress came and introduced herself. She was average, maybe a 6. I could immediately tell, somehow, that this girl had been through hell in her life. I was completely smitten like a little schoolboy which was odd because she was no prize. I could tell that she was just a party waiting to happen and the kind of girl I need to stay away from. Hey - I need someone to keep ME straight.

Anyway, what am I thinking? I'm just prattling on and on like I'm on too much medication or something. 

I hope everyone is doing good and I hope to interact with you guys more very soon.

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I've thought about your post a bit more KC.  It sounds like you're not over your wife yet, but perhaps you know that. When the chemistry between you and your cousin has been crazy ... that's pretty hard to replace.  There's no law saying you have to have a woman.  Just stick close to God in prayer, and focus on your studies and health.  I also pray that things get better for you and cuz-wife.



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