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Literally Lost in PA

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I'm new to the site.

I'm living in Pa where I know it is illegal to marry your first cousin. However here is our story. We met randomly a few years ago online. Started talking and then dating. The relationship moved on and we became serious. Three years ago I found myself pregnant. We have a beautiful child together. Our child has some developmental delays that we didn't think were serious until he wasn't improving as expected. We were sent to have a micro array done on our child. At that time my cousins mother told us that we were cousins. I never knew because I was adopted by my mothers husband when I was a infant. My cousins mother said that her brother is my birth father, confronted my mother and she told me the truth. Our feelings haven't changed and we are very happy together. Anyway, our child's genetic results came back and he has a deletion on both of the short arms of the 8th chromosome (in the TUSC3 gene). Our child also as some other deletions in other chromosomes but we are awaiting further testing for those results.

The genetic counselor said that we have a 1 in 4 chance of having other children like this and that this could be because of being first cousins or that we both are carriers for a recessive gene (which I have no idea what gene that even is).

Is this at all common?

I'm worried what this means "legally" for our child. Could we lose our child because we are first cousins? Can we serve jail time because of having a child together (or sexual relations for that matter)? I have read the laws but I am very unclear how having children together works but I do know that we can't get married.

Thanks so much!


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First off this disclaimer~~ WE DO NOT GIVE LGAL ADVICE.

Ok that's done. My best advice would be to contact a family attorney.

Given as so much information was hidden from you and this relationship was

begun with no knowledge that you were related may be in your favor. Maybe not.

Welcome to the board. Someone else may be along to give better advice than

I have. I wish you the best in your journey to find the answers.

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