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Yeah but it was nothing personal. We no longer have mods. Any mods. I know everybody is busy. I spent every 45 mins one day approving or deleting posts and I wondering, why do we need mods? Even though I am not seen too much, I spend a lot of time working on this site. About 8 hours in the last 3 days. 

I know you are enjoying your retirement, and you should. I do not hold that against you. I do not know where the other mods are, and as I stated in the admin area, I cannot and will not work with these people!  

As the founder, I have to make these hard decisions, and yes, I put myself in these positions sometimes. I no longer want mods and there will be no more. I do appreciate all of the hard work you guys have done. I hope you do what you do best and that is share you wisdom with these kids. Even if you are mad at me, you can't be mad at them :) 


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Not mad by any stretch of the imagination!  Was just wondering due to the update. I do check in almost everyday, have deleted a number of posts I felt did not meet the standards of

"our" site and approving those that are appropriate.  No hard feelings. I know you put a lot of time in here.  I will continue to be an active member.

Thanks for all you do KC! I have been around here for about 14 years and will be available if you change your mind.  Just let me know. 

We are totally enjoying retirement!! In Georgia this month. Met with Kathy for lunch on Tuesday. Had a good visit.



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saw the picture of you and kathy! how fun that must be! :)

i think we should create a group though, designating certain people as "wise council".

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