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Guest mariosonic

Hindus - supportive of cousin marriage?

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Guest Unicorn282

Hi all,

I am a hindu and soon to be married to my second cousin! The marriage was arranged by our parents and everyone in the family and extended family seems very happy about it..everyone except the new generation! I've had many of my young cousins question my decision and even give me disgusted looks.. it does play with my head at times but I do love the guy and he loves me back and our parents our super happy about the whole alliance so it such hurtful comments stop mastering!  

so this is for all of you'll out there who are in a fix as to how to go about this! you only live once guys! and no one in this word has the right to question who you love or judge you only because you are doing something unconventional! love is a very pure and a unique feeling and you shouldnt give up on something like that just because the society questions it! The society will find faults no matter what! If you're a hindu marrying a muslim or vice versa or say any other religion the society will still.point out and call you names! so screw what others think, screw what others say and do what u think is right cus this is your life! yours and only yours! don't let others tell you how to live it!

And i see many smarties all over the internet talying about birth defects in children born to cousins! well let me remind you'll the gorgeous and talented Deepika Padukone is a child of such a marriage! her parents were second cousins! and there are N number of such marriages happening all over the world.

so relax and go ahead with your heart!

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Guest jnvii

even m worriedd about this. because my mother and his mother are cousin! so he is my second cousin! i don't think so that we may face any problems from our family members because they are open minded. But i am worried about other things like ...can we have kids ? i mean their are risks in marrying in relation ...so  i am quiet worried about that!:(:(

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I think their is no chance to happen like cousin marriage, because Hindus will always follow the traditions they give value for relationship.  

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