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Guest mariosonic

Hindus - supportive of cousin marriage?

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On 3/13/2015 at 10:54 AM, Guest Nupur Ghosh said:


I m Nupur. I stay at Delhi. I m in love with my second cousin. He is my mother's uncle's (mother's father's elder brother) daughter's son.

Belonging to a conservative bengali family, there are many obstacles and question marks in our relation. Parents say society wont accept it. So, can I marry him? I love him very much. To just think that I've to live without him, my eyes feel with water. I cant live without him. Please reply soon.

Hi Nupur,

I'm Jay.

How are you?

Did everything work out for you?

I too, am from a conservative bengali family and in love with my cousin (father's sister's daughter). They are hellbent on separating us forever.

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