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Hindus - supportive of cousin marriage?

Guest mariosonic

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On 3/13/2015 at 10:54 AM, Guest Nupur Ghosh said:


I m Nupur. I stay at Delhi. I m in love with my second cousin. He is my mother's uncle's (mother's father's elder brother) daughter's son.

Belonging to a conservative bengali family, there are many obstacles and question marks in our relation. Parents say society wont accept it. So, can I marry him? I love him very much. To just think that I've to live without him, my eyes feel with water. I cant live without him. Please reply soon.

Hi Nupur,

I'm Jay.

How are you?

Did everything work out for you?

I too, am from a conservative bengali family and in love with my cousin (father's sister's daughter). They are hellbent on separating us forever.

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Hey friends,

I am in love with my sec generation cousin sister. Actually, she proposed me and I also liked her at that time. Moreover, we knew that we would never marry because our parents will never accept us. So , we were just sharing love. But day by day we were being serious in love we cannot live without each other. As she lives in india and I moved to Canada 4-5 months ago we sharing our feelings on phones.But, couple of days ago she caught by her mom when we were on video call and now she tortures her and beat at least once a day on silly topic. So, I cannot see her when someone is beating everyday even by her parents. I am ready to leave my family forever as I have plan to get PR in canada but she doesn’t wanna leave her family. Even, she said that she is ready to do suicide with me if we would not marry each other, but she doesn’t wanna ruin her parents image. I don’t understand how to handle this situation still we are calling and chatting everyday, but for that she has to manage carefully. I can’t control my feelings and emotions when she is not there only one think comes in my mind that if I will not marry with her then I will suicide.

Can anyone help to solve this problem I really love her And she also does. 

Should I talk to her and my family about our feelings? (she is sure her parents will never accept us but I seem that at least once we have to talk with them.)

If I wanna show to them that I am not only one who loves his cousin sister but there are millions people. How many of you with me or can give their contact number or email id so we can convince that we are not wrong?


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Hey brother where did you find about cross cousin marriage is allow in hindu religion. Actually, I am in love with my mother’s father’s brother’s son’s daughter or sec generation cousin or my grandfather and her grandfather were brother. 

I really love her and she also does. So, plz cantact me I wanna know more about cross cousin marriage is possible or not. 

Can you contact me on my email id: [email protected]

hope , you will respond me ASAP.


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