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I am 28 year old male and my cousin sis(mother's brother/mamaji daughter) is 21 year old. I am from rajasthan currently staying alone in bangalore and our caste is yadav. It goes without saying that we both love each other from past few years and I just wanna make her happy. Here is my idea, if you are a serious cousin couples from north india(rajasthan/haryana/delhi or any other nearby state)and you really wanna stay with each other or wants to get married but can't(because of family and society issue). I can marry your sister and you can marry mine and we all can live nearby here in bangalore with only four of us knowing the secret. In front of our respective family we will stay happily married and by doing this our family will be happy as well.

From my family there is no condition about my marriage(caste wise) so I can marry any girl of my choice and they are ok with it but my mamaji won't allow her marriage other than yadav caste. We have few years before they will start forcing her to get married. So if you are from our caste and are in same situation we all can help each other. I need genuine and true couples to contact me only.

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