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40 and Pregnant (Update)

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It's a boy!

This pregnancy has been easy so far.  No morning sickness.  No medical problems or issues.  All testing, including down's syndrome and cystic fybrosis, have come out negative.  My blood work was normal.  My blood pressure has been great.  (I have a porcine (pig) valve from an earlier operation in 2008 for aortic valve disfunction...ie....my heart valve didn't close properly called a leaky valve and was removed and replaced with a pig valve.....weird, I know!).  So far, doctor's are very happy with all test results.  My baby is healthy and has all his organs, fingers, and toes.  We went to genetic counseling yesterday and learned that we share an 1/8 of common genetic enzymes.  For example, if one of my enzymes match together with his, then there is a possibility for multiple diseases and definciencies; such as insufficient muscle mass, shortness in height, and/or jacob's disease, etc. However, the chances of that happening are less than 2.3 %.  (There are over 200 different types of diseases and definciencies. Some life threatening. Some not life threatening.)  I have the list if you would like a copy of it. Just let me know.

When the doctor's learned we were first cousins, they were not very concerned.  They were more concerned with my age and the fact that I have a pig valve in my heart.  Although, we later learned that the pig valve is better than the mechnical valve when it comes to pregnancy.  They said they rarely have problems with pig valves.  So, I was very happy to hear that.  I was happy to see them not concerned with us being 1st cousins and even more relieved to see the genetic's counselor not very concerned.  When all is said and done, our pairing is as normal as any other pairing.  After all of these appointments with doctors and professionals, we've come to the conclusion that there are many MYTHS out there concerning cousin relationships.  It's simply not all true! 

I'm excited about having a boy.  We've decided to name him Landon.  I'm due February 27th!  I've started to feel the baby move.  This is my very first baby and it has been so exciting.  He has already fathered 2 children and it has been such a relief for my partner to know what to expect.  He answers my questions and puts my mind at ease.  I love him so very much.

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Congratulations awentrcek!

For further peace of mind, very, very few babies are born without any congenital abnormalities, whether their parents are related or not. The vast majority of these abnormalities are very minor and have no real impact at all.

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