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Hello, everyone. I am curious to know what my relationship actually is with a relative. If anyone could help me out. I am not sure if you can tell me the full story but you all can hopefully tell me the actual relation ship between us. I could ask my relatives but I would get lost pretty quick.


I was at an event recently and I saw this attractive girl. I felt she was watching me and we did lock eyes and look away several times. I had asked a cousin who this girl was since I am sure me and this girl are related in some way although I have never seen her in person before. The cousin, who is on my mom's side of the family, told me that this girl is my niece and I am her uncle. Her parents and me are all first cousins. Would this girl actually be my niece, first cousin once removed, or some other form of relation? She's probably off limits around the world and on this site.

But, it is something that I am curious to know. Thanks!



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Yeah, she is a distant cousin of you, in my country you would call her a second cousin, but being in the US you say that she is a first cousin once removed.

Any news Jack? Or no news good news?

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Oh, ok. There is no news to report. I asked her through Facebook if she wanted to go to the movies but I have never heard a reply from her. Although my cousin's hubby is a lucky guy. He gets the sister and the first cousin once removed's phone especially when she had asked him for it. :(

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