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been a while....

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...since I stopped by to say hello .....its been 6 years since Judy passed and I guess it's been that long since I checked in, but my faith in the Lord moves me forward daily.

I doubt I will ever marry again after being married to your first cousin for 21 years it's hard to look elsewhere . Please no one say sorry for your loss or feel sorry or sad for me. Over they years I learned the worst thing to say is "sorry for your loss" I never speak those words now a simple "praying for you and the family" works much better. You don't learn that until you lose a spouse and the emptiness of those words rings true..

Enough of me....I hope Y'all are all great....Lady C and Mark , KC and LC ...not sure who is still around. You'll see me drop by now and then and leave a note of encouragement or drop of wisdom ...Love you Guys and GOD bless 

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jessie it's great to see you again! mark and i are doing fine. better than ever, actually! i think you knew we had moved back to texas. we now have five grandchildren! my mom had lived with us for several years, but she passed away this past december. i still miss her, but i just praise God that she didn't suffer. God is gracious, even in the rough moments.

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Hi Jessie my friend. It's good to see you drop in. You are one of us and I wish you the best. 21 years is a long time and I can't imagine the pain of such a loss.  I will keep you in prayer. 

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