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2nd cousin daddy

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When I was 15 i got pregnant by my second cousin. We had a beautiful baby boy. I would not tell my family that he belonged to my second cousin. He was 17. I wanted him to go on to college. He sent me money to help take care of him. I always sent my sons dad all the info regarding him. Awards, special papers, plays, games, birthdays party's, etc. He always came if he could. No one thought anything of it. I love my cousin and always have. We talk daily and i see him when I can. My parents have stopped asking about his dad. I have taken care of our son like I promised I would. My cousin thinks I should tell my son who his dad is. I have loved my cousin since i was 15. He is in a position to make a home and be a real family to us. He is my sons best friend and my son adores him. How do i tell my son thats his dad. I want us to be a real family. My cousin loves me as i love him. When I'm  with him, i am in heaven. When i see him interact with my son, i know its right. How do i tell him that special man is his dad.

Lost in love







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