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Is marriage with my first cousin legal or illegal? (India)


Hi my name is Febin,

I'm in love with my first cousin (father's sister's daughter). We are now deeply in love. We had only actually feared only of family issue crackers when we decided to go deeply in relationship. But now I fear about it's legal consequences. I just want to live my life with her. But what if the law is against us. As a fact, of course our families will tries to turn us down and saperate. Will we get legal support for our relationship? 

I'm now totally frustrated and I fear she would do anything wrong if she can't live without me.

Can you please give me a correct explanation and detail about the part of law in this type of cousin marriage.

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On 10/11/2017 at 1:00 AM, Santoro said:

If you live in the US please check this:



If you live in an another country, please let us know. The most likely is that you can marry your cousin legally. Good luck!

Thank you for your information... But the country I live in is India..

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Hi KC,

as you correctly stated Wikipedia is not an academic source and should only be used as a reality check. My personal opinion about wikipedia is that is not valid especially about history or politics issues. Quite often though it can be a starting point for a research. I didn't keep in mind the particular web page in the cc website, that's why i didn't mention it and thanks for you doing it. I would suggest Febin to make a new thread or change the title of this thread to something like «Is marriage with my first cousin legal or illegal in India?». This could attract members attention who live in India or know a lot more about indian legislation. 

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