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I'm infatuated with my first cousin, and, I've never been so confused or anxious..

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I'm 24, and, a Pisces

He's just turned 18, and, he's an Aquarius

(Not sure if anyone else is into astrology)

I'm adopted, and, I found my biological mom, on Easter of 2014.

Besides her, and one of my biological brothers, I had never met anyone else in my family.

A week ago, the Saturday before Halloween, my mom took me to my aunt's house, and we all went to a party, and then slept over.

I met my two female cousins, and, I was under the impression, that they were my ONLY cousins. That, was until HE got home, and walked into the living room, where we were all socializing; I was immediately drawn to him.

He mostly kept to himself, and, then he would go to work (at least, that was his behavior while we were there) and, he barely spoke.

My mom, and I, left in the morning, and then returned to my aunt's house, the next day, to spend Halloween with everyone.

It took a bit, but, my cousin had finally emerged from his bedroom, in time to get ready for work; my aunt was asleep, and, so, my mom offered to drive him.

I, of course, made sure that I went along, but, before we left, my cousin was in the kitchen, making something to eat; I trailed in, and began chatting him, up. I was being pretty blatantly flirtatious, and, he kept blushing, and avoiding looking in my eyes; he kept himself turned away, from me.

When we all got into the car, I sat in the front, and, he was in the seat behind my mom, who was driving.

when I was sure, that my mom wasn't looking, I stole glances at him, constantly; he had one of his headphones in, and continued to avoid eye contact. My mom, asked him, for one of my female cousin's drink orders (we were planning, to go through the drive-thru of his work) and, he said that he would write it down.

We pulled into his work, and dropped him, off. My mom, remembered that she needed the drink order, and sent me in, to have him write it down.

I ran in, and had one of his co-workers direct him to the front counter, where I (flirtatiously) handed him a slip of paper and asked him to write down the order. he, again, blushed furiously, and avoided eye contact until I left.

I haven't seen him, since.

When my mom, and I, got back to my aunt's, I added him on Facebook, and messaged him. I jokingly told him, that he screwed up his sister's coffee order (which, he did) and, he said that he was sorry, but that he tried; I told him that I was only teasing.

Since then, I message him, almost daily, and, when I do, he always participates in the conversations, but, he seems stand-offish.

I ask him things, like, who's his favorite music artist, what his plans are, after school, etc., And he answers, but never asks me about myself, or initiates a conversation.

If I send him anything funny, he comes out of his shell, a little more, and, I've also tested the limits, by sending him a picture of myself, stating that I got a haircut; he responded, saying that it looked good, and explaining, that he was sorry, that he didn't get back to me, but that he had been really busy. I said that I figured, and that it was no problem.

Now, here's my question, does anyone feel, that he may return my feelings, and, given the dynamic of the situation, how, should I go about telling him, that I'm crushing on him.

It's not love, just yet, but, I can feel, that it will easily build, towards me loving him (remember, that I'm a Pisces, and, what that entails) and, that scares, and frustrates me, because, none of this, is ideal, and, moving on, will be super hard, because, we will see each other much more, now, thus building on the emotional aspects, as well, as the attraction.

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