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Kasey Bagun

im inlove with my cousin but im in a relationship.

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Hi my names Kaesy, i dont even know where to start this. Well last year my cousin moved to live with us (it was my first time meeting him.) we weren't really close then, till jan. we were justcoolin, never saw this coming. i am currently in a relationship which i dont know if to get out or not. me and my boyfriend (josh) have been dating for 10 months. since also jan. we used to live near eachother till i moved an hour away hes currently in a group home because he was violating his probation and idk i guess his mom thought it was best to leave him there he turns 18 at the end of January. the last time i saw him or even had a real conversation was id say was a month and like 8 days since we had a real conversation. In the beginning of our relationship he cheated on me twice then , denied that he would be chilling with other girls (this happened before he got sent to a group home.) He broke a few promises and it really hurt me a lot. i have not had sex with him but we have been getting close but now idk if i want to bc of what happened. so let me tell you how these past few weeks went down.... well 3 weeks ago me and my boyfriend have been disconnected off and on its not me well it wasnt.... last weekend my mom left town for 3 days and me and my cousin were home alone together watching moviess then we had a conversation that ive never had with my current boyfriend (which was about my past) we were laying on the couch opposite directions but our heads were touching *which at he moment meant nothing* so i told him my life storyliterally the first guy to listen and then he saw scars on my wrist and asked me what no one has ever asked me he said "tell me the reason for each cut" and i did . he listened and was there to hold me ... first guy to ever cry in front of me .. and i was also crying while telling him my story so he wiped my tears and kissed me . and he told me "i wont let anyone hurt you again" then we made out for 2minutes. and it was like this this weekend just kissing outta the blue but he wasnt looking for sex bc he respected me. my mom got home monday and we still make out without her seeing or knowing (bc my mom is hispanic and shes freaking crszy) so we're pretty scared to get caught but idk wether to stay or leave my bf and what to do in this situation ):he texts me when we're going to bed to make sure im ok or im sleeping then he works so he texts me while on break.  im 16 turning17 next month and my cousin is 20.

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wow. ok, first let me ask that (for the sake of those trying to read your post) you go in and add a few more periods here and there. it's not terribly difficult to read, but some of us wise old owls stumble a bit with run-on sentences :)

i'm glad you and your boyfriend haven't had sex. think about this for a sec... in the beginning you probably felt that he was the love of your life. but less than a year later, the two of you are drifting apart. (not to mention that he's a 'bad boy',  which probably was part of what drew you to him in the first place... no, i'm not criticizing... it's totally normal! i don't know why but it seems to be natural instinct for us women to be attracted to the bad-boy-persona.) he cheated on you multiple times, he's got some sort of criminal background since he's on probation, you don't get to see him much, and now you're falling for someone new. aren't you glad you didn't give such a precious part of yourself away to someone who was just temporary in your life?

now, what to do about him. girl, i know it's hard, but you need to let him know that you don't want to be with him anymore. it won't be the end of his world. in less than a year, you know of three times he's cheated. he's probably STILL cheating, especially since you don't see him often these days. out of sight, out of mind. but you do need to be fair and let him know that you are moving on.

as for your cousin, please take things slow. you have a lifetime ahead of you. if you two are right for each other, then taking it slow will make the relationship much stronger than if you jump in too soon. plus, you're still living at home... and taking it slow will also be to your benefit when you (someday) tell your mother. the longer you two have been together the far more likely she'll take it seriously and not freak out.

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