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I Love My First Cousin

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hey guys just a quick question. i really love my cousin and do have feelings for her everytime i see her im soo happy to see her. i did tell her i do fancy her last year she said it would be weird so i left it until now recently i told her again that i want a relationship with her and she said that its weird i need help!! shes 15 and im 18

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I would be very careful with trying to pursue a relationship with her, she's 15 and you are 18, that is not legal if you want to be sexual with her. She's already telling you that it's weird that you would want to be with your under age Cousin. Loving her as your Cousin is fine, but don't go any further until she's of age (18-21). I would suggest that you remain just as normal Cousins for now, she's too young for you and she's letting you know that. Love her the right way, respect her and don't do anything that will land you in Jail. Maybe in another 4-5 years if you still have feelings for her let her know, if she's not in a relationship and neither are you. If she still feels weird about it I would suggest that you not push it with her, I'm sure that you will find a wonderful girl who is right for you. 

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I don't think he is asking anything sexual... I feel like he is just asking how can she be his girlfriend..

But yeah... point taken. :)

Now having said that,  may I ask how is she with other boys? Like her classmates at school and stuff? 



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