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Friends..My name is Chetan . I am 28 year old and my secound cousin once reomoved is 16 year old. We love each other a lot. on last may 19 i tied mangalsutra to her as per hindu rituals in temple but we kept it secret as she is not 18yrs old. but somehow her family membres foud her mob which was given by me. and everyone knows everything even tho we continued . we face loads of trouble cause of too much pressure by community and also by family membres. on monday she told me her dad fixed her marriage with  her mothers brother. so i took her with me in my home. and whole community and family membres beaten us. evern her clothes were tored by goons .. i was also beaten a lot . i tried to contact love commondos but they refused to help as she isnt 18 yet.. SHe is daugher of my second cousin brother from my fathers side. I have no idea its legal or not or whatever it is . I Love Her A LOt And she too loves me a lot .. even after so many peoples beating us she never left me alone in them then her mothers brother came and he took her with him to his village ghosarwad which is near Ichalkaranji and nearly60km from my home. I have no permission to go outside of home. I Love her a lot i am ready to die I tried a lot but i am not superman . pls help me.. I have no idea hows her , whats going on with her. its not good in our community so no one is helping me..not even no one talking with me...i am totally depressed pls find a way I LOve Poonam very very very mmmmmmmuuuuuuucccccccchhhhhhhhhh..... evryone is threatning me for police case so pls help me

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