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Mortgages, Loans, Insurance, living wills etc. when marriage is illegal...

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Cousin Marriage is illegal in WA state. I'm looking for any help or advice you might have in managing everything from taxes to mortgages to insurance. One of us was married before, but now all of the "protections" afforded married couples are unavailable to us. I'd love any tips or steps to take. I feel like I need to read all the articles for gay couples before their marriages were legal to get it all sorted.

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No legal advice is given on this site. That being said the best advice would be to find an attorney that would be willing to discuss these

issues with you, like a tax attorney or maybe  a family law attorney. Since cousin marriage is illegal in the state, I would be inclined to think

that some of the issues you mention would not be possible. But I am NOT a lawyer.


Best wishes on your journey.

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