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Long time love

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Hi. I'm new at this forum and just need to vent a little. About ten years ago (we were 15 then) my second cousin, that I didn't know very well, started flirting with me. I though it was super wierd at first, but I soon realized I was attracted to him. We met every summer in our teens, and I always tried to keep things platonic, but he didn't seem to think it as strange and I liked him too much to resist him. Now our positions are reversed. We both love each other, and I have come to terms with it, I want to be with him, but he cares more about what people think (he lives in a small village where people see everything and judge everyone) and says that it's impossible. I have realized that I really love him and I don't seem to get over him, even if we sometimes don't see each other or talk for a few months. I compare all other quys I meet to him.  I have had a couple of serious relationships in between, but they haven't lasted very long. He has never had a serious girlfriend. I suppose  at some point we will meet other people who we want to be with, or maybe he will eventually change his mind. I can wait and see, I don't mind being single. I also know that we are by no means perfect for each other, and we live very far apart. But if we never give our relationship a try we won't now how it would work out. 

One thing that bothers me though, is that I have actually told some people about us (my close friends, my sister and two of his sisters, whom I am very close with) an even though most of them don't think it's the best idea, they are used to the thought by now and want me to be happy. He, however, does not know that they know, and I'm afraid he will be upset with me for telling them.  At the same time, maybe it would help for him to see that they are sort of ok with it? I'm not in a hurry to change anything, but what if I will be pining for him for the rest of my life? Am I a bit pathetic?

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