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Well i'm over with my boyfriend and not my cousin, which i also dont plan to be over with. I you can say am in love with my cousin and so is he.... but stuff at home aren't what i expected.. or well kinda knew everyone saw this coming but well um.. everyone found out about us.. well eveyrone in my household AKA my mom my 4 sisters my 2 brothers... my step dad his brother my mom my dad and my step mom.. oh wait and even his brothers his sisters and his parents.. we didnt get caught here. but we got caught texting ofc, we made up a story saying i was just messing around with him.. bc i was so hurt bc of what happened with my ex. So they believed it but now we have 0 time alone.... and my mom said to me something that just idk.. she said that if i wanted to be with this "nasty sh*t" that to hurry up and marry him and to leave bc she didnt want any of this "nasty sh*t" in her house now i denyed eveyrthing but now shes saying if she finds out we're still something then she'll kick him out and now i honestly dont know how to come out im underage so i really have nothing or maybe i do but i just dont know...

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glad you put an end to the thing with your boyfriend... but as you are still under-age and financially dependent on your family, you really still have no choice but to follow their rules. take things slow! wait til you're finished with high school before getting more involved. you can handle waiting a year, even if you don't think you can. if i recall, you're soon to turn 17. once you're 18 you can move out and make your own rules. as for him, he's 20 already... time for him to learn to support himself... that way when the time comes, if you two are still a thing, he can support you as well.

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