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2nd or 3rd cousins?

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Hi, I'm a 33 yr old woman and my cousin is 36 yr old man. We have been romantically involved for couple of months now and we are completely in love with one another. This isn't the first time, we have been romantically involved before. When we were teenagers we were almost inseparable. We are very honest with each other about how we feel however our relationship is a secret and our family doesn't know. I'm not sure how we will break it to the family but I think we should wait at least a year or two to make sure this is something we both still want. My confusion is what cousins are we 2nd or 3rd. Here is why I'm confused. My grandmother and his grandmother are sister's and my grandfather and his grandfather are brothers, two brothers married two sisters. I know that my dad and his mom are double first cousins, but what does that makes us? Any help to this confusing matter would be a great help.

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i believe that would be double second cousins :) and if i'm not mistaken, that means that you share 6.125% of your DNA (the same as first cousins once removed share). that's about double the amount of DNA that two totally unrelated people share.

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