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First Cousins Marrying in Catholic Church

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My cousin and I are first cousins. We just got engaged but in our state (Wi), in order to marry, I have to be 55 or older, or one of us has to be sterile.  I am 39 now, so we will be waiting awhile.

I emailed a priest in our town to ask if first cousins can marry in the catholic church. I will see what he says. 

Any of you have information that you would like to share?


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the catholic church requires dispensation for a small monetary fee in order for first cousins to marry in the church, and then ONLY if it is legal in the state you're marrying in. you may be waiting a long, long while sabrina. have you considered marrying in another state? 

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Hi Sabrina, I know you posted this some time ago. Any updates? I'm also looking to marry my first cousin in Georgia (where it's legal). However, I am just looking into the dispense online and can't seem to find much information... LadyC, did you say it would take a long time because of the state or because of the church? 

Thank you!


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