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I like my cousin but i dont know if he likes me!

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So I like my cousin and I don't know if he likes me! I saw him today and I went to give him a hug (like we always do when we see each other) and when I went to pull away he put his hand on my hip and it seemed like he was holding me there in a force like manner. His family is really religious and I know that they wouldn't like it if he did have any sort of feelings for me. His mom and my mom are sisters and they don't get along so when we see each other it's very rare and for a short period of time. But there are other things that do play into effect (like my sexuality and stuff like that) so I was wondering what should I do? I kinda want to get his focus on me or just like have him text me once in a while. And when I will think of this one girl or this one guy and I'll try to make myself like them it just dosent work. The only person I can think of is my cousion.

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