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I need help. I am like in deeply in love with my guy cousin (3 rd cousins ) I am in my twenties and he is about to turn 20. He says he loves me back. For the past month things have been kind of physical. But also there are times where he can be so cold to me. He says things like I love you but I dont know how much longer we can be together. I am really trying to understand I mean based on the circumstances ( we are cousins ). He is so indecisive though he gives me so much hope about our relationship at times and there are times where he just crushes all of my hopes. It hurts me so badly.. All I want is him but he is young and I cant expect him to stay with me forever that would be selfish of me but when it all ends I don't know how I will react and that scares me because I have a series of mental problems. The last time he told me that something broke my heart I spent the whole day crying I didn't eat I was acting like a complete psycho but I couldnt stop myself. 

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you're THIRD cousins? he's making excuses. he just doesn't want to commit. quit getting physical with him. that's a gift that should never  be given to someone who doesn't cherish you with a lifetime kind of love.

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