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Gay cousins having trouble with telling family members

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Not sure what to do. I'm in love with my cousin and he's in love with me. We're both 19 and we've had sex several times, but we want to be together in public and not hide our love from our family. My parents know I'm gay and are OK with it, but his don't know and I'm not sure if they'd approve. Has anyone gone through this before?

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I personally have not been through the exact same situation but I will try to give the best advice that I can. First off I'm so happy for you both! May I ask what kind of distance there is between you both ( 1st 2nd 3rd..? ) Not that that really matters because I believe love is love. But it may be easier when breaking it to families. I'm pretty sure if his family isn't conservative it will be easier. I wish you both the best of luck. 

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