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I think my female second cousin is attract to me ?

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I'm 19 going on 20 i will be staying here in mexico for a year and just meet my second cousin that i never meet since i seen her i thought she was really sexy and had my eyes on here and had also seen her amazing body before I new she was my second cousin since I meet her at a neighbor's house and no one introduced me right away to them and since she arrived I had noticed she couldn't keep her eyes of me as well and she's come to our house for Christmas time and she lives 2 hours away from were we stay so shes been coming everyday going on 4 days know she always putting on clothes that show her body and reveal certain parts of your body and I catch her looking at me not gunna lie like a snack and every time we have ever hugged for greetings and goodbyes she has this huge smile on her face and hugs me in a more sensual way were I'm forced to have my hands on her lower back and she won't do it with anyone else in the family I don't know if I should even say anything because I'm worried about coming off wrong but we have talked I asked if she had a man she said no and that she likes to be free and have fun and she asked about me and said that no I don't I like my freedom as well and like my fun to but that I was trying to see about an ex that has come back in my life after years and it's been hot and cold with her but I told her she called me drunk and told me she loved me but she quickly told me just forget about her and stop talking to her the woman's not younger then me she's 25 and she seems to know what she's doing because when family gets close she ends up not talking anymore and walking away I'm just trying to understand if she's attracted to me she wants to kissy-face me or if it's nothing of what I'm thinking since I know she's deffenetly two good to pass up since if her looks body and personality she got it all but I'm not trying to look wired to the family since I'm already seen as a criminal to a point 

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your auto correct needs to add some punctuation. i don't like reading run-on sentences, but flat out refuse to read a run-on- paragraph. please go back and edit.

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