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Advice required from girls

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Off late I have feelings for my cousin, she is 18 & I am 28.

I once got this dream where i was kissing & making out with her. Trust me, I never had such intensions for her before. 

Now after that dream I had, I always think of her. How do get her to like me, she is single. 

I need tips & suggestion from the ladies here who dated or married their cousins.Like, what are the things i should do to make her like me etc.

I am very sure our parents will never accept this. But, I just want to spend some time with her as her lover at least until its possible.

I am from India by the way.

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If you have strong feelings for her then get to know her first and establish a connection. She's still young so don't be discouraged if she may not be interested, build a friendship and you can't go wrong. Best of luck

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