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What should i do ?

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Yoo so i have a crush on my cousin shes insanely gorgeous in so many ways ive been attracted to her since as long as i could remember it sounds weird i know but i constantly think about her daily we chill together sometimes and me i lowkey try and flirt i eyeball her at times and she be staring at me a certain way with her fine lil smile feel like theres some attraction there but ion know she comes over to sometimes she dont live far away maybe a couple blocks down im 15 shes 18 i think to myself sometimes what if i try to shoot my shot one day when its just me and her and it works or i tell her over social media late night but i know that'll probably never happen but the urge i have to tell her how attracted i am to her MANN i dont know what to do ive had a crush on her since before purberty and ill probably always will i feel a sexual attraction against her shes so beautiful everything about her is perfect if yall still reading help a lil nigga out PLEASE i feel like its gone slip out very soon hopefully i get a response 

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What should  you do?  First learn punctuation and spelling.  Run on sentences and no paragraphs make your post extremely difficult to read.

Secondly, do not call yourself by a racist designation.  We are all human beings and there is only ONE race.

Thirdly, you are  young - difficult I know - and very frustrating to be told to wait till you grow up.  Time will cure that but it seems to take forever.

Fourthly, get a copy of the book NASTY PEOPLE, HOW TO STOP BEING HURT BY THEM WITHOUT STOOPING TO THEIR LEVEL by Dr. Jay Carter.  You can download it from Amazon or get it from your library.  The book will help you in dealing with all sorts of people.  The book is less than 70 pages and full of excellent information.

Most especially, make sure you are being a true friend to your cousin before any other relationship.   

Good luck!




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Ditto to everything Nat said.  

Whatever you do, don't make your move on social media.  Be a man and tell her face to face how you feel.  You can start with the tried and true "If we weren't cousins, I could see myself dating you" and then see where the conversation goes.  But get to know her first.  

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