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Please help I need advice

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I am currently in a 5 year relationship with my first cousin and have 2 children together I never paided attention or it never cross my mind that it was illegal to be with him here in texas, and now I can't stop thinking about it I'm scared to death that the can catch us and put us in jail or even worst take away our children. Can they actually do that?

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We don't know what they can do but I seriously doubt they are looking for you or will ever bother you.

Don't be scared to death. You are making yourself sick over nothing. The Texas law was aimed at child abusers like in the case of Warren Jeff's.

Open a bottle of wine and enjoy yourself tonight. There are real threats out there like the Teenage Mutant  Ninja Turtles.

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Good catch, KC... I hadn't noticed this post before.  My best advice would be to cross the border over into New Mexico and get married.  Texas, last I knew, did not have a "void" clause for out-of-state marriages.  I would be very surprised if Texas decided to punish two legally married people for having sex together.

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    • By Sparkly
      I am nervous to share my story but I need to now with people who understand.
      My older first cousin (he is 38 and I am 33) who I was very good friends with for about 9 years before the below, asked me to take a trip with him 5.5 years ago. I had been looking after my Dad who was recovering from Cancer, so now that he was improving, I welcomed the break. My cousin lives and works in another State and always has.
      My cousin was always very protective with me and I really liked our relationship. The first morning of the trip, he came on to me in bed and I was in complete shock. I loved him and thought that if he was doing this, it must be okay. Sounds naive, I know. The next day he did it again and we ended up being intimate. I was really confused and in shock I think. I still am, 5.5 years later. 
      This continued and we developed feelings for each other, however he initiated everything. He mentioned getting married and wanted us to have kids, etc. We went on another trip and he told me that he wanted to take a chance on us and to trust him. He said he’d never hurt me... 
      I trusted him and cared a lot about him. I knew he had a drinking problem but I was used to that as my Dad drank a lot. Not a good thing, I know. We continued our trips and love affair but his exes would always text him and I didn’t like it. I wanted to focus on the future, not the past. He said he couldn’t control it and it continued. I also saw a text conversation between him and a girl in his phone with “xoxo” but I didn’t know what it was and never said anything. 
      I always knew he was a “ladies man” but I thought it would be different as we were so close and cousins. I was always his rock and he always called me whenever anything important happened. He got mad at me on a trip because I spoke to his brother on the phone when he didn’t want me to. They never really got along well. He thought I might be pregnant this whole trip even though I said I wasn’t. We went to get a test and it was negative. He was very mad and slept on the couch and almost flew home early. He never would explain why he got so mad, but after that, everything blew up. He literally dropped me off at a hotel by myself to catch a flight back home the next day. I was crushed and very angry. 
      For the next 5 years, he would call and text constantly when he wanted and then disappear again. He was never there when I needed him. Not once. He was drinking and partying with women he meets online and had no time for me anymore. I still had feelings and he would act romantic with me and then disappear again and again. 
      In March of 2017, we saw each other for the last time and it was actually a nice trip. Things improved for a while after and then he got distant again and I figured there was someone else. At the end of the month, I had a pregnancy scare. He was psychotic over it and when I said I wasn’t and sent him a picture of the test, he was very angry. Then he disappeared again. 
      It turns out, in early April 2017, he slept with a woman he met online and a few months later, she told him she was pregnant. He was still calling me all this time and would call up to 50+ times if I didn’t answer. 
      The baby is now born and they aren’t together. It broke my heart that he impregnated someone right after we were together. He called me a couple weeks ago several times when the baby was born and was saying how awful the situation is for him and how sorry he was for hurting me. He was drunk of course. 
      I am now an emotional mess and isolate myself a lot as I am heart broken that my friend and cousin treated me like a disposable doll. I really did love him and it felt very right, which we both said. 
      He ended up telling his brother about us because his brother asked he said. I have only ever told one friend he is my cousin. My Mom once asked if we were dating but I just ignored it. 
      I have been having suicidal thoughts for a few years now and have been working with a therapist about it. I am now on antidepressants and have changed a lot. I feel that if he can do this to me, anyone can, so I am exhausted trying to heal. 
      Did I make a mistake other than being a naive young woman (28 when it began)? I think he was wrong to mislead me for sex all these years. I am his little cousin after all . 
      Thank you for reading this. 
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