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My cousin and I want to get married, but here in MS it's illegal for first cousin's to marry and for said cousins to go to another state to get married and return here to cohabitate as husband and wife. For the time being after getting married, we couldn't live like that anyway (complicated situation involving his mom/my aunt that I'd rather not get into), so I wonder if we could get married in another state w/out any issues here? It'd only be temporary, but I don't want either of us to end up paying a fine &/or spending time in jail. Any advice, ideas, ect is appreciated.

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Obviously, family can complicate things a lot.  If you are Mississippi residents and intend to remain so, you don't have much for choices as far as being legally married.  Honestly, my best advice, if you're serious about being married (no idea how old you two are, so I'm going to assume both at least 18), you may do well to move to another state, take up residence there (get an apartment, get a driver's license, register to vote, get a job there) and then get married in that state.  There are several states where you can do this.

(SOAP BOX) Marriage is one heck of a commitment.  Bigger than a tattoo, which is pretty close to permanent.  Marriage is hard; two people making a commitment to be part of literally every aspect of each other's lives.  Children may provide some common purpose around which to rally the marital partners but can also expose some serious differences in priorities and individual character.  If you're committed enough to get married, you're committed enough to move to another state and start your new life together there.  Heck, that's what saved our marriage in its infancy (and we married in a state where it was legal!).  Getting over 1,000 miles away from the nearest family and having family who disowned us (so no calling home) actually forced us to learn to depend on each other, solve problems, live within our (very limited) means, "fight fair", forgive when we make each other angry, and ultimately build a much stronger marriage.  Having mom & dad to run home to and cry and hear, "it's okay, baby - I told you that scoundrel was no good" may feel good but it's destructive to marriage.  You must both evaluate whether you truly do want to be married - if you do, you'll want that more than anything mom/aunt whoever can ever stop.  If mom or aunt so-and-so can stop you from getting married, you're not ready to get married. (/SOAP BOX)

Some years after you've established a marriage in another state, if you just really want to move back to MS, consider your options then.  If family remain a problem, maybe it's not such a great idea.  I don't remember whether MS claims to "void" marriages from out of state residents who relocate there (versus residents who get married out of state to dodge MS laws); WI and AZ do, for example, and have no overriding case law that I'm aware of (KS has a "void clause" but has overriding case law).  If MS does void otherwise legal marriages, you would be taking a risk moving back there.

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