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I’ve been with my second cousin for 9 months now.. She is by far the most important person I’ve ever met. She cares more for me than probably my own parents do. She understands we are cousins as do I, and she is okay with it, because the way we feel for each other. There’s no problems with how I feel about her, or the way she feels about me. But it’s the other people in our family that are easily confused and don’t Accept the fact we are together and because if it no longer talk to us and it bothers us.. my cousin was my best friend for the past 3 years and since I got with my cousin now he is disgusted by it and wants nothing to do with me. I love him like my own brother and want to help him understand reasons why me being with her is right but I don’t know what’s to tell him.. any advice? 

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it helps us to know your ages, or at least general age range, when we give advice. are you and your cousin still living at home with your parents? or are you adults who have moved out and are self sufficient?

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