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Approved - vice needs participants

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Hi there KC, 

My name is Sam, and I'm a journalist with VICE. I'm working on an article looking into the experiences and stories of people in relationships with their cousins in an attempt to really give a platform for those in love with their cousin. The article will be a series of three interviews with three participants with questions looking into the history of their relationship, any problems they've faced, how their family has reacted, how society reacts and how they feel about the taboo nature of this, despite how common it is and has been throughout history. 

I noticed there's a point of contention on your forum of media posting without permission, so seeing as you're a moderator, I was wondering if it'd be okay for me to do a call-out on your forum? 

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions. More than happy to talk to you about them!


Sam   nicholsgb@gmail.com

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Hey everyone, 

I'm Sam and I'm the one working on this project. I haven't heard from anyone yet so thought I'd bump the post. Let me know if you're interested at all or if you have any questions regarding this! I'm really just looking for your personal stories of love, how those around you reacted and how you feel about society's attitudes towards cousins being in love. 

I can assure anonymity for this. No faces and no names. I'm not looking to mock or ridicule you, I just want to hear your story and document it. I think it'd be great to have you guys show how your relationship is normal. 

Again, my email is nicholsgb@gmail.com

Thanks guys. I really hope to hear from some of you!


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Yep I have personally volunteered! Come on good folks.

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I'm finished and it didn't hurt one bit. We need another couple, so hit him up. Help make this article great. 

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