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I'm back around (:

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Just figured I'd make a topic rather than messaging everyone personally, not that it was many. Lol ... I've been good I haven't had too much contact with him at all. He moved in with her and for the most part forgot about me lol. I don't try to contact him and I've changed my number / broken off my line and moved in with the new guy in my life. I made him move his boat from my friends house . He ended up driving it back to Panama City . And I haven't been back to Panama City since December, I'm left alone for the most part. Recently he added my grandfather on Facebook I hadn't really paid attention to it until it showed up in my newsfeed. Through me for a loop and when I saw his fb there's not too much going on . He basically plays games on fb and watches Netflix all day. He sent me a request on my play station and ended up jumping into one of my lobbies once. I didn't really acknowledge him. It helps that his girlfriend isn't too pretty lol. More recently I looked at one of her pictures of the two of them and you can see it in his face he's not happy. That's on him now though.. He probably stays because she doesn't ask questions. The new man in my life is josh and he is more than what I needed. We've been together since June and I haven't looked back. (:  in one way or another I got my happy ending (:

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I've been good .  I  think  I might've written you back when you messaged me  way back . If not I'm sorry . I do miss this site though . Everyone here is so nice . Josh doesn't know about ray  though and quite frankly I'm not sure that I want him to know. Basically as far as josh is concerned rays a cousin that hurt my feelings and kind of screwed me over . But  honestly I'm good ; happy .  How has everyone been ?

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