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Getting pregnant with your first cousin

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I was very scared when I found out I was pregnant with my first cousins baby.  I was so afraid I would give birth to a baby who had defects.  After discussing with my Dr. about why I was concerned about the pregnancy, he told me, I could have a normal & healthy baby like any other woman.  He did the normal tests that you get done while being pregnant and everything was fine in my case.  I gave birth to a very healthy 8lb 3.5 oz baby boy.  To this day, we have a normal, healthy 40 year old.  :-)

I would suggest you talk with your Dr. first and see what he/she thinks.  I am quite sure blood tests can provide the information needed so, you can decide what course of action you and your cousin should take with having a child.  

Wishing you all the best.

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There are health risks more than birth defect risks associated with having a baby.  Any recessive traits shared between you are way more likely to come out as a dominant gene in your child (As it was explained by our child's physician).  What this means is that if, say, diabetes runs in your family, then your child has a higher chance of developing diabetes than if you had a child with someone who is not a blood relative.

(Edit) - Our soon to be four year old son is mostly healthy, but he does have very bad eyesight, gluten allergy (allergy and not intolerance which most people have).  These are both traits that our family shares, but his are a bit worse than most of our family members who have this.  We are a bti worried about Glaucoma and Diabetes, both which run in our family as well

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I have allergies and bad eyesight yet my parents were not related. Sometimes we can get hysterical about being related for no good reason.

Years ago, when I was drinking too much, my blood pressure was extremely high and my doc was perplexed because he could not get it down. We tried for 6 months. One day I asked if I should monitor my blood pressure at home. My doc said, "Why do you want to do that? It's just going to tell you if it is high or not, and what are you going to do if it is high?"

I thought my doctor saw everything backasswards but his logic was irresistible.

Let's say that a cousin couple went to a geneticist and the doc said, well, because of your family history, you have a 5 percent increased chance of having a baby with a birth defect. Maybe the couple is already pregnant. So what is the knowledge of these stats going to change? To me, it is a time waster.

Another example - I go to church with a medical doctor. He has two kids with some sort of profound genetic disorder (they can hardly walk). The doctor is not related to his spouse. Now, after the first child was born with the disease, the doctor had to know very well that having another child would be extremely risky. Well he did have another child and he lost the genetic lottery, unfortunately. I'm sure his colleagues berate him behind his back. I don't hold it against him, although I am sure I would have made different decisions. I guess I see things differently. 

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I fell in love with my cousin and every one tore us apart,yet 17 years later here we are and and our love has not changed. To me she is the ultimate woman and I want to grow old with her,we laugh,we cry,we love and punished ourselves when we were apart. My heart goes out to all of you,I understand the magnetic draw of past lives.

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Hi there, I am a casting producer and we are doing a new show for Lifetime about this very subject. Its a documentary series about cousins in Love relationships that we hope will de- stigmatize the issue and show people that Love is Love and that your love is like everybody else's. I would love to tell you a little more about it if you are interested...🙂


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