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Hi so I am so scared because me and my husband are trying for our second child and I wanted to do a genetic test but I don't wanna tell my doctor or I don't wanna take the risk there is to loosing the baby I am pretty far along but I haven't been able to sleep in days just thinking if my baby will come out with any birth defects I didn't even think about that for my first born which so far now is a healthy boy thank god but since he really wanted to try for our next child I been looking up ads and information about the possiblities of having a sick child but I'm still not very sure and I'm just scared because since I'm so young and I have struggles so much to have everyone except mine and my husband relationship I can't even imagined what they would say or how much they would judge me saying I told you so so please help any experiences with having child's with your first cousin also I wanted to know how do you tell your children for those who have children that you and your husband are cousins? I have so much questions I thank god i found this site.

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Take several deep breaths and calm down.  You already have one healthy child and the chances are good for your second child also.  

A genetic counselor would be the best way to go.  Why don't you want to tell your doctor?  

The problems of cousins having children is mostly based on incorrect information.

I do not have children but many of the poster here do and they have had no problems.  According to them, you should tell your children when they are little using the Peter Rabbit books.

We are here to encourage you and help you.



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Perhaps the most detrimental thing you can do for your baby is to worry yourself sick... and over nothing. Eat well, sleep well, and think well. Everything will be fine. The baby girl will be perfectly fine, you will see.

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