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Thank you for sharing.  We recently had a family member out of anger inform all of our family about our engagement.  It’s been unbelieveable the reactions.  It truly has brought out the worst in people.  My own mom even told everyone about us having a miscarriage. Since then I’ve received messages saying how God did us a favor by taking that baby and how they are going to call DFS on us over my kids now because I don’t deserve to be a mother.  This is coming from a supposedly “churchy” family. 

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I'm so sorry you are having to go through all that pain!  You don't deserve THAT family!  To go through the miscarriage and then have such abuse!  

I doubt you will have trouble with DFS IF they do call.  What state do you live in?  

We are here to support you.  Just remember:  you can't fix stupid.  You CAN educate ignorant.  If they want to be stupid, cut them out of your life.  You don't need that.


Good luck and do keep us posted on how things are going.



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Sorry to hear that Becca. These people really are that nasty; it has little to do with the fact that you are marrying your cousin. My motto is "forgive but never forget." Don't ever forget how they have treated you!

As a "churchy" person myself, I know that religious people can sometimes be the most vicious, ignorant and hateful people on the planet. Jesus called some religious circles in His day "vipers." Watch where you step. Unfortunately, I have found that it does little good to argue with them. Distance works pretty well.

Hold your head up high. Cousins have a lower chance of miscarriage than nonrelated couples, possibly because of having more similar chemistry (per Martin Ottenheimer). 

Finally, do not let anyone speak for God. He speaks for Himself, very clearly, in the Bible. He reveals Himself. Don't let the religious yahoos get you down, but pray for them.


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