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I cant decide what to do... pls.. help me out somone...



I am in a dilemma I am 20 years old in a relationship with my cousin for last 3 years .. our relationship had the most breakup but later on we would just make up. He really loves me like anything and I also love him (though my feelings for him I guess have reduced) I really dont love him the way he loves me... I have always thought about like that cousin’s (he is my first cousin) relationship or marriage is not good. But i coulnt just breakup with him because he gets into depression and cries a lot(i know this because in the past we have had many breakups) now i come to know about the complications of first cousim marriage...like child birth..and he doensnt know anything about it. He wants to marry me. I sometimes want to end this relationship but i stop because i think i love him and he would be hurt. I had been physical with him but it’s more than 1 year we have been really close. I sometimes think that if i marry someone else in future i would still be haunted by his thoughts and our relationship. Please advice me what should i do... i need help genuinely ..

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I may not be the best at answering but if your feelings aren’t there you need to be honest with him no matter how much he cries.  It isn’t fair to either of you.  

You care about his feelings because you are cousins I think that why it is such a special bond.  However it is a difficult journey if your both IN love but if your not it will make it much more difficult.  He will have to learn to move on and deal with his depression (suggest seeing a Counciler).  


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