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hello everyone,

maybe some of you may remember my love story,. after all the struggles, the pain and trials that we've been through... finally, we're married last October 15, 2013. everything went well successfully up to our marriage contract ..... so to all other cousin couples out there , never give up. there are a lot of ways to get married, love finds a way and nothing is impossible. just try and try...

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My cousin and I have been dating a cpl months now and hate that we have to hide this due to our family so we have been talking about getting married without any of them knowing I have never in my life felt so strongly about a person what do you think we should do

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Here in philippines its taboo when u married ur frst cousin..

But in my case hmmm..we dont care coz we love each other.

I got married 2005 to my first cousin. Its civil wedding only not i. church. On the day of the wedding the judge ask when we are cousin coz of the mothers name sound sister..we both said no..were not cousin so the judge continue the wedding...

Before the wedding weve been in difficult situation both family disagree. But we love each other so my cousin ulyses move in n my apartment...until i got pregnant and i give birth so both families accept us.

Im not saying that i have a perfect family but we lived happily with 3 kids and they are all smart and beautiful..its not true that u will have

Abnormal baby...

The most important in success married are u love each other u both loyal and have respect each other.

Me im every inlove on may first cousin ulyses hes my life and i thank him coz he give me 3 smart and beautiful children.

To all people who inlove on there cousin dont be afraid maybe its taboo in our society but its not important. Time will come that all peole will accept that..as long as you love each other go go go fight fight for the love....

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