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I've always been attracted to my older female second-step cousin. I don't know if she's attracted back somehow.

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Alright so basically she's technically not even a blood relative. Her father on my father's side was adopted from TX and had two daughters. Back when the family was together during holidays I'd see her and feel not only attraction but confusion. I think she has a year or two on me. I was a kid with no understanding of those sorts of emotions and just saw her as a babe. Whaddya want from me ;)

anyway I broke the ice years later via Facebook but it's a very long story. I haven't physically seen her in over 18-19 years give or take. We barely ever talk.

But some of the things she says on my Facebook feed and liking of a few pictures has me thinking. She refers to me as "babe" and "boo" and often uses emphasis. She told me I "always have a place to stay if I'm in (let's just say: "Philadelphia area". I always thought this over and over again. I recently had a birthday and she called me "boo" again. Her sister, my younger cousin NEVER does this. Only the one I am attracted to. Maybe she's just being friendly?

Anyway I'm new here. Thanks for listening :)

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