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Hi there,

I'm having a question to as from you guys. I am in a relationship with my mother's young sister's daughter. we are planning to marry asap. what i want know is is this marriage effects badly to our children?

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generally speaking, the risk of birth disorders for any children born to you and your cousin is almost double the risk to unrelated couples.... so instead of a 3% risk, you have (statistically) a 6% risk.

or same statistic from a more positive perspective, you have a 94% chance of having perfectly healthy and normal children. in fact, your children may have a higher chance of inheriting some good, desirable traits.

you could always see a genetic counselor to get some peace of mind. a GC will consider a detailed family medical history from both sides of the family and if there is anything to be concerned about, can run blood tests to determine whether your children are at risk.

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