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Last year my cousin expressed her feelings for me. I also responded positively back to her and said I have feelings for her as well. However two days later I had to go back to my home.

I got 2 months to going back and tell her my decisions.

I read a lot of people are with their second cousins, however this is my first cousin. My dads brothers daughter. What do you lot say about this. Should I be with my cousin ?

Also if you lot are also with your cousin (dads brother daughter) could you share your story with me.

I have always had feelings for her but never said it because I am the most nervous guy but she told me her feelings last year in the most romantic way in the sea together.

Also could you lot give me advice of being in a relationship. Its my first time being in a proper relationship.

Thank you

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kc is married to his first cousin. coloradomarried, another admin, is married to his first cousin. i'm only married to my first cousin once removed. there are a lot of people here who married their first cousin.... you're not going to find anyone here criticizing your relationship, providing you are both mature, consenting adults and are not currently married to someone else. :)

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My only advice is to treat it like a normal relationship, respect each other, care for one another, be honest, make sure to communicate. 

I am living and in a relationship with my first cousin (my mother's sisters son). 

There's no recipe for a certain way to be in a good relationship, there are too many variables and emotions. 

Good luck! 

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