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Is it okay to keep manifesting or should I let go?

Guest cadbury

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Guest cadbury

Since, my cousin has not even tried to contact me it looks like I am the only one who is manifesting things and is thinking too much about him lately. But, unlike last time I am not going to initiate contact with him, if he is also thinking of me then this time I expect him to come forward.

Or maybe he is not even interested because if he was he would have dropped some kind of a hint. What if he is avoiding me and expects me to stay out of his life? I don't want to annoy him by texting him because I am unsure of his feelings.

For the time being, I decided not to contact him because every time Its me. If he wants to then this time he has to come forward.

Is it wise to let go or no?

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  • Moderator

If this situation is keeping you from moving on with your life, then I think it is definitely time to let it  go.

If I remember correctly, I think you mentioned he had a girlfriend in another post. Maybe that is where all

his attention is now.  

Bottom line is if he is interested in opening the lines of communication back up, he will.  That you are not

hearing from him speaks volumes. If he is indeed visiting the site, he knows how you feel.

If it were me, I would move on.


Best wishes on your journey.

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Guest cadbury

I know what you guys mean, I believe I have to let go of my expectations of him messaging me. 

I wish our family had accepted us happily. Regardless of our situation, they really need to change their minds and take life seriously. I don't think our next to next to next generation is even going to remember our names lol, so why so much drama for? ? Perhaps not all people are wise like me lol, they find happiness in pleasing others or in their ego.

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