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Hello. I'm falling in love with my cousin and I want to share a poem I wrote for her ? not sure where else I can share this where the community would be accepting and possibly relate to it on some degree, at least when knowing the context. If anyone else has poems/lyrics they want to share, I would love to read them.



Of all these stars in my silver screen
One burns brighter than I've ever seen
A radiant glow, blissful energy
Impossible to express in this reality

A love beyond flesh, or fathom of thought
A being I'd love after I'm torn apart
Concealed within me, spurning truth
A soul I'll coddle til death, since my youth.

Her Aura charges my muse
Though I cannot imbue hers
An easy refuse
Given the Affinity

Shackled and judged should my covet be
The entire desire, though exiled I'd see
In histories course, the repetitions exist
Am I lesser for clenching the same fist?

In each aeon that star is encountered
The pressure grows exponentially
Heavy burden follows entombment
Silence sheathes whispering chimera.

A confession, a feeling, that in public eye
Is jagged to the moral of a common time
Behold, to me, a utopian dream.
Peruse, to them, interdiction it seems.

My star, my moon, my sky, my sun
They keep me intact, without her I'm done
Encumbered gloom as distance unveils
So divine, this Belle.
Worth my eternity in hell.

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Yes we actually have a poetry forum. Check it out. Something about falling in love with a cousin makes one want to write poetry :) We had so much of it in the main forum that I was forced to create a poetry forum. Yours is quite good! I tend to judge all of these poems by Edgar Allen Poe's "Annabel Lee." I like to read it every now and then!


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So, I wrote another one for her. Everytime I'm near her, I feel so inspired. If only I could figure out how to confess my thoughts to her. Maybe the poems are the best way?

(Also, I'm aware that I use similar words between poems, but some words can't be exchanged)


Muse of mine, love unconditionally
A bond so strong, only dieties may intervene.
My affection, a degree of Omnipotentcy
Allure beyond simple Mortality.

Eternity, I am purplexed by this hex.
A boon of my heart for this Aeon and the next
Infinite, if this Amour had units to compare.
A million resurrects, at least one would not fail

Pressure is clustered in this array of Stars
Lifetime of longing, are we still worlds apart?
My Angel, rearrange the cosmos as you see fit.
All of Space, Time and Love is my final gift.

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