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A good documentary approach to cousin-romances/marriages

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Hello Everyone,

Being a long-time poster here, even though I don't post too much anymore, I was thinking about posts I've read on here about cousin-couples wishing that cousin-romance/marriage was as recognizable and acceptable as much as homosexual relationships are these days.  Gay marriage has become legal in various parts of the world, it's legal in Canada, for example.

Gays though, are more recognizable, and hence harder to keep "in the closet" than cousin romances.  If a gay couple walks down the street, their actions and gestures may make them very recognizable.  But cousin-couples look like any ordinary couple walking down the street. 

Gays now have legal marriage, which makes them mainstream or acceptable or recognizable.  And cousin-couples do have legal marriage in various places all over the world.  It's legal to marry your cousin in Canada, for example.  (I live in Canada).  It's also legal to marry your cousin in some of the U.S. states.  And if my memory serves me correctly, it's legal to marry your cousin in Australia, England, Japan, the middle East, Kuwait, and I'm sure other countries that I'm not aware of.

So making cousin-marriage legal has not made cousin-romances/marriages more acceptable or recognizable.  When you think about it, the battle to get one's cousin-romance/marriage accepted, mostly lies in the family of the cousin-couple.  Will the family accept it, and then will one's friends accept it, and then will one's culture accept it.  Those questions are answered yes to no in various degrees depending on the country and region/culture, one is in.  The battle lies mostly in the family unfortunately, for each cousin couple.  And I don't see any quick solution to that.

However, for these documentary film makers wanting to make a show about cousin-romance, they need to consider my observations here, when putting together a documentary.  They need to look at the biological factors influencing cousin-marriage, and the legal and cultural factors as well.  

Cousin-marriage remains stigmatized in some regions of the world, mostly due to biological factors, then perhaps religious factors which have no merit as the Bible is quite alright with cousin-marriage, and then with cultural factors.  Unless the negative thoughts in these areas were dispelled, the stigma will continue.  A good documentary approaching the subject as I have outlined here, might make a difference in the world view of cousin-romances/marriages.




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