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Dont get me wrong, I love my cousin and Im not that type of that guy that cares about others opinions, however anyone that I have met that is not a close mate, is always against cousin marriage. I dont get how so manny people can support LGBQT yet cant support cousin marriage. Literally 90% of people I have met have always been against cousin marriage. I will happily marry my cousin however this community is quite upseting of how uneducated they are. 

What do you lot say ?

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  • Administrator

The best way to stop the nonsense is to educate yourself. Much of the stuff in that article is garbage. I am astounded that it is still going around. It has 8 million views!

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  • Old Timer

If people are misinformed, you just have to educate them. :) I usually start by saying "Darwin, Einstein, and Queen Victoria all married their first cousins, so I think I'm in good company." We don't advertise that we are cousins, but it usually comes up with friends in the "How did you meet?" conversation. We just tell people simply and directly when they ask. They are usually mildly surprised, many people then tell us about a cousin crush they've had. It hasn't happened, but if anyone reacted with shock and horror, I wouldn't want them as friends anyway. 

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