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Age old mystery: Solved!

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I have been studying, for the longest time, how to make this website break even (not profitable). Well I think I have the answer.

I have lots of domain names, but tonight I registered TheBoss.host! I will be starting my own web hosting company offering a wide range of services. I am setting the server up now and feel like a kid in a candy store! I'm such a damn nerd! LOL

So I will post again when it is running. I will move this website to my server soon. I actually hosted this site on my personal computer for a year. Wow that was a lot of trouble. So, exactly how does this solve my problem? Within a few years, I hope to have hundreds of hosted sites. The only ads here may be my own about hosting products. We will see!

I've really been through some poopy the last few years. I am just now getting my creativity and confidence back. I hope to make a boat-load of money in this. 

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Hooray for you Boss!!!  That's very exciting news.

I am very certain that you will do a "boatload" of business!!!!!HUGS



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