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Well, my first cousin did kissed me before I was a teen and i dont even feel anything as I didn't reach puberty .when I was thirteen he went to work as a crew in the ship Mariner of the seas . now , when I am 16, he came back from his voyage break and visited me and my family. I thought of him as a brother but on the first night of his stay he secretly pulled me to his bed and kissed me. This happened for three days and he also said about me becoming his girlfriend when I will study my a -levels. After he left, I was so guilty that I told my mother about it and she is now planning to start a war when je comes back again. But after that l realised that I love him....l also keep thinking about him,too. My mom disapproved of him as he is ten years older than me and he is my cousin. But I love him now as I felt his kisses and touches. He had tampered my emotions by them. I even planned to board the mariner when I finish secondary school just to spend time with him.but I also about my parents and my family too. Please help me....?




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he is ten years older than you - his behavior was wrong to pull you into his bed and kiss you.  Your mm is right.  He has been disrespectful to you AND to your parents.  A thoughtful caring Man would not treat a much younger girl in that way.  You should be able to complete your education and mature gracefully. not to be prematurely introduced to adult responsibilities.  Kisses and touches are exciting but true love is much more than that.  In some places his behavior could result in him being arrested and put in jail as well as being marked as a sexual predator for life.  

I hope he is on a long, long, long voyage.  I am glad you have a Mom who is going to protect her.child.

It may be that someday you will have a relationship with your cousin.  This site does support adult cousin relationships.  We do NOT condone abuse of children which is what has, unfortunately, happened to you.  Please do keep coming back and tell us how things are going.  We really, really want to support and encourage you.



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