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Very long distance cousin

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Hello , I have had a very close relationship with my cousin ,she a wonderful person.but as she lives overseas i only get  see her when I travel overseas to see her 

At home my cousin would wear  very loose fitting tops with no bra  and she knew I would look as she has large  breasts 

Prior  to her re marrying  ,,my cousin would ask me to  give  her  the occasional foot massage but then it become her legs ,eventually it  become a daily occurance .

We both enjoyed the experience without going  any further , I was always aware she was  encouraging me to continue .

After she meet her new partner there was no massaging for nearly 5 years I could tell she missed  the massages  until this year.

Out of the blue ,while we both alone on the couch , she was laying down and I was sitting   next to her ,with   her feet were next to me  she asked me to massage her feet .

It was building up for some days and she  then puts a  massive gasp  my heart was racing as I knew she was enjoying it,  I thought that might be  the end of it .

But one night my cousin and I were sitting on the couch and in the same position but her husband was also in the room 

Without any  warning she asked me to massage her feet and  she said like before ,I obliged   her r, it was a little tricky .

My cousin has even told her new husband that I'm a  much better masseuse  than him

When  he's  said  to her that you must love your cousin .she replied yes but as a brother but we both knew that was to throw him off  

Now  my cousin has  ice is broken , I know she will ask me to massage her feet more often .

At this stage sex is off the agenda , we really do love each other but have to take what we can get .

I will see her next June , I can't wait 


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I think you are right,  and at first she  I also suspected my cousin  was  trying to  to make her husband jealous 

. I see my cousin  reaching out for  my affection , always flirting with me and insists I sit next to her  me to sit next to her while we watch tv together .

When I visit  her she is very quick to go have a shower ,which gives her the opportunity to wear her skimpy  nighty. and she never wear a bra when I visit 

She would then lay  down on the couch next to me, with her feet almost touching  me and  at times her nighty would go up and almost exposing her knickers 

I t seems she actually waits for me to vist ,to go for her  shower  ... 

She waits when we re alone to flirt with me , she even had me watch her as she tried on two of her  very sexy evening dresses  with the door opened ...but I never actually  saw her change 

I will be visiting her in June next year , I don't want to upset her husband and at the same time I don't want to refuse her request of a foot massage





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