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Prowl around this site for info about birth defects.  Do a Google search.  Read a science journal. You'll get the same answer. The risk of genetic defects to children of cousins is only slightly higher than anyone else.  It's about the same as a woman in her 40's having a child.

Lots of races marry knowing that there's a genetic risk to their children:  African Americans (Sickle Cell), Askenazi Jews (Cystic Fibrosis and Tay-Sachs).  If you are concerned about genetic factors, you can get tested.

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Normal Couple ekakata Wada tikak wediyen balapanawa..normal couple ekakata labena lamayekta ehema wenna thiyena chanse eka 3%k wage cousins lata eka5% wage wenawa..paramparawe kalin e wage leda thiyena lamai idala thiyenawanam E wage leda lamayek ipadenna chanse eka wedi..google search karala balanna.. 

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