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He Wants to End It And I Dont

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I’ve been seeing my first cousin for 2 going on 3 years. We have lived together the entire time. We’ve been practically dating without the label. We started just having sex and then the strings started attaching and we started falling for each other. I slept in the same bed as him every night. Every now and then he would start seeing other women and i’d find out and get upset. He’d tell me how in love with me he is, but he can’t be with me because we are cousins. We’d break up for a few days and before I knew it I was back in his bed. We do everything together. He stopped seeing other women and was loyal to me for the past year. He recently started seeing another women and sat me down to tell me it was officially over with us. He said the girl and him are just friends, but he’s trying to let go for us. He says we can’t be together because we’re related and because if we told everyone we’d lose everyone. He says if he could be with me he would marry me. We are so in love. He tells me he isn’t leaving me and we’ll always be best friend. But I don’t want to end it, but I want him to be happy. I don’t know how to convince him not to leave. We are perfect for each other. We both have cried telling each other how much we don’t want to end it. 

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He is the only thing i’ve ever been so sure about. Since he cut things off I have been so lost. I want him back. I know if we could be together we’d both have everything we wanted. I’m willing to come out, but I also don’t have as much family as he does to lose. I’m afraid to try to convince him to tell everyone and just be happy together. I’m afraid he won’t see it the same. But i’ve also never really talked to him about it before. Should I let him go? Or should I try to convince him to stay? He’s the only one I want. 

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  • Administrator

Should you let him go? That is the question. Serena, not only should you let him go, but you have to let him go. As much as you might like to (just for a short while) you can't put him in a cage and keep him! :)

He is seeing other people. He can't commit. He is hurting you. Trust me, in 6 months you will be thanking me for my advice. So, don't let him go. Pack his bag and kick his arse out the door. You have to. You have to for peace of mind and your mental health. Set your boundaries, and stick by them. 

And Yo! Don't ever let anybody treat you like that again. I hope he gets blue [email protected]

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