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Scared about telling my cousin I liker her

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Hey guys, i am scared. There is a stigma against two cousins being together, and I feel like I will get verbally murdered if I tell my cousin I like her. She is just the best girl in the world. Every morning, I wake up and she is standing over me, with breakfast in her hand. I say thank you, then I make her dinner in the evening (we live with our grandma, who cant cook because she fell down). She is so sweet, she flew all the way here to help me with my grandma, so if I ask her to smash I am scared she will leave, and my grandma will suffer. If she says yes, our grandma will hear us because the walls are thin. But she is just so pretty. As for my family, I think they are pretty liberal when it comes to relationships. My dad was in the standford prison expirements (cool right!), and ever since then, he has been cool with whatever makes us happy, no longer the strict man he was. But my mom, my mom is very strict. It is like yin and yang. I heard her growling!!! at my dad when they were having sex or something and she kept saying do you like this big shriveled appendage? Anyways, she is pretty aggressive, I don't want her to beat me up if I marry my cousin. Thanks, please help.

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Hi there!

Was your dad a prisoner or a guard? Anyway you asked her to smash. Really? Classy. You know she probably just thinks you are an ass. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned but smashing isn't something you typically ask a cousin.

I would like to know her answer! Please tell.

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